Every woman will want to look beautiful naturally. But sometimes the cost of an expensive beauty treatments made most women are reluctant to take care ofthemselves in order to appear more beautiful. Actually to be beautiful it doesn’t have to be expensive. We can use the natural way cheaper and more efficient to treat facial skin to make it more beautiful naturally.

And one way is easy and natural to make the face always look beautiful naturally is tomake your own masks fruits are certainly cheaper and easier to get. While stillproviding the benefits and results that are so amazing.

Have you know, fruits what to and suitable for creating mask facial skin, so that the face could appear more naturally beautiful?. Here are 7 types of fruits that you can use as natural face masks for caring beauty.

1. Apple Fruit Mask

Apples are rich in health benefits, one of which is to eliminate acne.
Apple fruit masks is very suitable for those who want to get rid of acne naturally. Since usually many skin types that do not fit with some of the chemicals so that sometimeseven though we already do skin face treatment with some expensive SOAP, acne isnever lost. The solution is to try to use this Apple fruit masks. How to make it quiteeasily, simply puree or grated apples, then paste thoroughly into the facial breakouts.For maximum results do every day.

2. Fruit Lemon Mask

Your oily facial skin?. Oily face is actually very good for health because it coulddispose of toxins on the skin of the face. But if excessive oil content it will be veryannoying. Especially if we’re traveling with friends. Might be a little bit to make it lessconfident.

How to make lemon fruit masks is very easy. I.e., combine lemon juice and egg whites.Then apply evenly to the face and neck. Let stand for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, wash your face skin. And your face would seem a natural shine. Do regularly formaximum results.

3. Banana Fruit Mask

Many women complain of dry skin. Many factors can cause your skin to dry. Some of these are: the weather is erratic, irregular menstrual cycles or other foods that contain a lot of chemicals can also make the skin becomes dry.

But you don’t get too panicked. Bananas have a natural drug benefit as can overcome dry skin and acne. How to use it quite easy that is. banana fruit puree with a blender, then mix with olive oil. or you can substitute olive oil with honey. After thatapply on the skin of the face evenly. Then your skin will look more beautiful naturally.

4. Jicama Fruit Mask

Yam bean since time immemorial been trusted to whiten skin. then the jicama is often used as a basic ingredient in many cosmetics makers company to whiten skin. But we can also make your own cosmetics for skin care of the face to make it more efficient and get maximum results. We can use the ingredients jicama with the process itself. In addition to being bright and clean face will also be spared from a variety of skin irritations.

How to make it very easy, that is to prepare some of the fruit Peel jicama jicama, thenblend until soft. After that, paste it on the entire face. Let stand to julienned jicamaabsorbs into the skin and becomes dry. When you are finished washing the face with warm water.

5. Strawberry Fruit Mask

Strawberry fruit is very effective in removing acne on the face. In addition, strawberry can also tighten the pores of your skin and will look more shine. Strawberries are an excellent skin cleanser naturally. How to make a fruit mask is very easy. i.e. prepare strawberries ripened and then mix with yogurt in a bowl. Apply evenly on the skin of your face and let it selama10-15 minutes. After that, don’t forget to wash your face.Note the changes that occur on the skin of your face. You’ll appear more beautiful and naturally gorgeous

6. Carrot Fruit Mask

Carrot has many benefits for health and beauty. one of them can prevent premature aging process, when consumed daily. Similarly, if we make it into a face mask, the face will avoid premature aging or visible wrinkles. In addition, carrots also have content that is able to make the skin become more shine.

How to make a carrot face mask very easy IE prepare 1 piece of carrot, then washed in a blender until smooth, then add 1-2 tablespoons honey, mix until evenly distributed and then apply on face evenly and let stand

7. Peaches

Peach fruit rich in vitamin A and vitamin c. peaches also contain alpha hydroxy acids.Collectively these peaches can help overcome wrinkles, spots and penyumbat pores.Natural face masks from peaches mixed with egg white is very effective in dealing with wrinkles. For dry skin combine peaches with yogurt. as for oily skin you can mix yogurt with honey, then apply on face evenly.

That’s some tips easy and cheap that we can do to take care of facial skin that seemed to be naturally beautiful. It doesn’t have to look beautiful with care salon and cost prohibitive. simply we do simple ways that are natural and easy to take care of our facial skin that always looks gorgeous naturally